VIP high rollers

VIP High Rollers

VIP High Rollers, You deserve VIP treatment for your loyalty!

High Limit VIP casino

Welcome to our VIP Lounge for High rollers! Where our most loyal online casino players can enjoy all the benefits, perks and gifts they deserve, and also your exclusive and private VIP casino suite. Our VIP club members also receive dedicated and personalized service from the VIP support team. The VIPs High Rollers can also participate in high-stakes promotions that are exclusive to VIP Casino members only.

CasinoMax - Unlimited Match Bonus
CasinoMax $1000 signup bonus - free $100 for every single multiple of $1000 deposited - Mobile Casino - Accepts US Players and Credit Card Deposits.

This is truly the elite VIP Online Casino that meets the expectations of all VIP High rollers!

This exclusive VIP High Rollers Program was created to suit your individual needs and benefits for the most loyal and elite players, who deserve - and expect - nothing but the best. Membership is usually by invitation only, however if you agree to conditions and meet the criteria, VIP Lounge membership may be obtained on a 60 day probation period, with full VIP membership following. VIP Lounge is reserved for the most enthusiastic patrons of the Jackpot Factory Casinos. Jackpot Factory Casinos is the most respected and secure online casino group in the world today.

VIP Lounge, Minimum requirements for membership

1 ) After your initial application and deposit, your deposit should be a monthly minimum of 2500 credits to your account.

2 ) You have played in a consistent manner at any of the Jackpot Factory Casinos for at least 60 days.

That's simple criteria for a VIP High roller, you're not required to play at the VIP lounge to enjoy all the benefits and perks, although you may like to. But with the variety of online casino games available at the other fine Jackpot Factory Casinos you may want to take a peek! The great thing is you carry all your VIP status, perks, and promotions with you to all Jackpot Factory Casinos!

VIP Lounge, Exclusive promotions

As a VIP member with Jackpot Factory Casinos, you will have exclusive access to the finest promotional events. We all know a VIP works hard and should be rewarded for their efforts with some fine adult playtime. Your VIP player status and promotions continue at all Jackpot Factory casinos, wherever you decide to play. As a VIP member you'll be entitled to exclusive monthly promotions in the VIP Lounge Casino. The promotions are very exciting, high-stakes events with incredible prizes and bonuses that are worthy of our loyal and enthusiastic VIP High Rollers!

On top of exceptional cash bonuses, VIP Lounge strongly believes in rewarding VIP Players with exciting travel rewards. Luxurious getaways to seductive destinations, like Monte Carlo and Las Vegas or even exclusive resorts at such places as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Those lucky VIP members have had great adventures with some fantastic island hopping in Ireland, fun and relaxing Caribbean cruises, and some very romantic holidays in Paris. It's all first class, and of course all courtesy of Jackpot Factory's VIP Lounge Casino. Experience the elite benefits of being a VIP Member.

Use your VIP Status even on Mobile Casino or Cell Phone Casino

Besides the VIP Lounge and the line of Jackpot Factory Casinos, which can played from the comfort of your home, office, or any accessible computer. VIP members can also carry their status and promotions to the wireless mobile casino or cell phone casino. It can also be termed casino on the go! Jackpot Factory Casinos also provide this wireless mobile casino that can be played on your Mobile phone or Cell phone, PDA, Smartphone, Palm pilot, or even a laptop connected to WiFi.

The technology is fairly new but very secure, and all in real time. (WJMC) or Grand Parker Mobile Casino uses only the very best award winning software, called Spin3 for Grand Parker mobile casino, which is powered by Microgaming who was awarded the best mobile gambling system in 2006 and also 2007! I hope to see the same for 2008 with their already superior gaming excitement. Remember your Vip Lounge membership, status, and promotions can be used at any of the Jackpot Factory Casinos, exclusive VIP Lounge, and also Grand Parker mobile casino.